Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of delegating my tokens?

Your tokens never leave your wallet. The validator has no access to your coins and you are simply using our node to participate in the consensus protocol.


Unlike other PoS networks, Casper doesn't impose a fine if the node misbehaves. If the validator node is offline or cannot vote on enough blocks in one era (~2 hours), the rewards earned are reduced for that era.

How do I work out my yield?

The annual yield APY is determined from the network conditions. At the time of writing it's ~13%.

When do I receive my rewards?

Staking rewards are issued after each era, which is currently set to 2 hours from the network.

How do I undelegate my tokens?

Follow the steps here from the official CasperLabs docs.

Is staking income liquid or automatically staked?

With Casper, rewards are automatically staked and compounded.

Will I keep receiving rewards after I un-delegate?

You will no longer receive rewards after you un-delegate.

There's an unbonding period of 14 hours after you un-delegate your tokens. Your tokens will appear in your available balance after the unbonding period.

Is there any way I can avoid the delegate/un-delegate fees?

The fees are determined from the network, therefore there's no way to avoid them.