Stake your CSPR tokens

Envision Casper Staking enables cryptocurrency investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets by staking their tokens.


Stake your CSPR tokens today and earn ~13% annually.


We run a highly secure and reliable node for the Casper protocol by leveraging enterprise level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Stake reliably with us

Envision Staking has been built by professionals with a software engineering, system engineering, and solutions architect background.


Using our team's 30+ years of industry experience, we set up a highly secure and reliable node by leveraging enterprise level hardware.


Your tokens never leave your wallet.  You're always in complete control of your private keys and funds, and whenever you want you can un-delegate your coins.

Start staking with low fees within minutes.

High APY

Delegate with us and make 8-20% annually (depending on Casper network conditions). Rewards are distributed every 2 hours

Low Fees

We're staking the tokens on your behalf, and earn a 3% commission for our services.


Our fees are much lower compared to other enterprise level validators.

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

We make sure we always implement the best practices provided.

We leverage enterprise level hardware, and use ping monitoring tools to trigger incidents in the case of a failure.


We pride ourselves in being transparent at what we do.


We're very responsive on our social media and telegram group, and we're proactive in giving node status updates.

Experienced Team

Envision team has experienced solution architects, system engineers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts. The team was founded in 2021.

Your coins are safe

Your coins never leave your wallet. You're always in complete control of your private keys and funds.

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